Happy New Year!

Thanks to all y’all for keeping me busy for another year! I know switching to online booking was a risk but it’s really paid off! So much easier now than 4-5 days of texting back and forth. You can always message me if you have booking questions and you’re more than welcome to come by the shop Thursday-Monday to book in person. Also I still set up consultations as well when you’d prefer face to face.

It’s been a big transition from insta to a web page and I appreciate the patience and support. I will have new galleries up soon. Its a big new year goal to have more galleries. Think healed pictures and Japanese traditional, black and gray realism ect. I will also keep more updated on the daily noise. I’ve just been feeling burned out from social media.

Walk-in Saturday has been a massive success I appreciate everyone that piles in on Saturday and waits patiently. I still keep walk-in time every day swing by time find out!

Last walk-in of 2023
Lil walk-in banger
Healed from a year or two back now
Major blastover

I can’t wait to see what we can do in 2024 thanks again and I cant stress it enough… If it wasn’t for y’all working hard at your jobs, I’d have to get a job too. I’m blessed to be where I am because of you.

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