Black Magic Tattoo

I have moved to Black Magic Tattoo on NE 10th! My rates haven’t changed just the scenery. I still have Saturdays for walk-ins and I also have availability for appointments as early as next week. I will be running some flash specials all month too so keep an eye out here for exclusive deals you will not see on the gram!

Happy New Year!

Thanks to all y’all for keeping me busy for another year! I know switching to online booking was a risk but it’s really paid off! So much easier now than 4-5 days of texting back and forth. You can always message me if you have booking questions and you’re more than welcome to come by the shop Thursday-Monday to book in person. Also I still set up consultations as well when you’d prefer face to face.

It’s been a big transition from insta to a web page and I appreciate the patience and support. I will have new galleries up soon. Its a big new year goal to have more galleries. Think healed pictures and Japanese traditional, black and gray realism ect. I will also keep more updated on the daily noise. I’ve just been feeling burned out from social media.

Walk-in Saturday has been a massive success I appreciate everyone that piles in on Saturday and waits patiently. I still keep walk-in time every day swing by time find out!

Last walk-in of 2023
Lil walk-in banger
Healed from a year or two back now
Major blastover

I can’t wait to see what we can do in 2024 thanks again and I cant stress it enough… If it wasn’t for y’all working hard at your jobs, I’d have to get a job too. I’m blessed to be where I am because of you.

Halloween 2023 flash special!

$160 arms and legs only no chance on changes bub

Starting next week on October 16th I will be running flash specials on ALL of my Halloween pages! I’ve painted 3 new Universal Studios horror inspired pages. Maybe one more super secret page yet to be announced…I will also have my other 5 pages of Halloween flash available at special rates too! So that’s almost 9 pages of designs to choose from!

The classic movie monsters pages will only be $160 each

All six designs can be done back and gray instead of colors

Also October 29th – 31st I will be doing Halloween walk-in specials only 1pm to close! These deals will be available starting the 16th but those 3 days are only Halloween specials only so I will not have any appointments to work around.

Keep your eyes peeled for any new flash page announcements 👀


Starting in September 2023

I will be raising my hourly rate to $150 an hour. I will also be strictly pricing walk-in as a set price not hourly. Only big projects and custom appointments will have hourly rates.

Also if you want to book more time than 4 hours we can with consultation. Japanese projects can take more than 8 hours on lines. So I will book day sessions but not without us discussing the day and the project.


New schedule info!

I will be switching back to my old schedule it’s always worked the best for clients and myself. Saturday and Sunday’s will always be available for walk-ins.

I will be working and taking appointments on Monday’s Thursday’s and Friday’s. I will be out of the shop on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Im in shop every day at noon and have consultation before my first appointment at 1pm. I will always have walk-in time Mon,Thurs,&Wed after 5:30 until about 9pm. I can take your consultations then too.

You can always text me to see if im in the shop that day but I can never guarantee walk-in availability. Only that I am in the shop working.


Walk-in Saturdays are a hit!

Get in where you fit in! Walk-in Saturdays are here to stay. Nothing more than an hour and a half accepted on Saturdays now. In and out is the name of the game. You can book anything online 2 hours or more for a week day!

Once in a while you can actually walk in and get a cover up. This only took 1 hour!
Quick and cute lady bug walk-in
One right off my flash sheet on a Saturday
Picked out of my skull book!

Feb 2023 news!

Starting in February I will be walk-ins only on Saturdays. My flash will always get you to the front of the line! I will have appointments open every day Tuesday – Friday. I will also still only be doing one appointment a day to keep walk in availability every day as well. You can always book in the shop with me or here online.

*Flash Special* Feb 14th these will be available on arms and legs only at special pricing

Also check out this sweet healed shot of Dolly Parton