Halloween 2023 flash special!

$160 arms and legs only no chance on changes bub

Starting next week on October 16th I will be running flash specials on ALL of my Halloween pages! I’ve painted 3 new Universal Studios horror inspired pages. Maybe one more super secret page yet to be announced…I will also have my other 5 pages of Halloween flash available at special rates too! So that’s almost 9 pages of designs to choose from!

The classic movie monsters pages will only be $160 each

All six designs can be done back and gray instead of colors

Also October 29th – 31st I will be doing Halloween walk-in specials only 1pm to close! These deals will be available starting the 16th but those 3 days are only Halloween specials only so I will not have any appointments to work around.

Keep your eyes peeled for any new flash page announcements 👀


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